Sicherheitsschutzlösungen für kleine landwirtschaftliche Betriebe und den Haushof

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Fence Energizer

Fence Energizer

The HPS Fence’s electric fence energizer is for containment of sheep, poultry, the exclusion of wild predators and special applications.

Power: HPS Fence’s electric fence energizer with controlled up to 0.5, 1, 2, 3.5 and 4.8 joules.

Range: Easy to operate equipment for short runs of fence up to 5 KM, with little vegetation for cattle and horses. Very easy to install, with steel earth stick.

It is waterproof, low average current use, it is long battery life. And it runs on a 12V DC or 220V AC.

Advantages: Their reduced weight and compact design, their robustness make them ideal solution for electrification of mobile or subdivision fencing.

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HPS FENCE provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for electric fence energizer————Learn more about services (MORE).
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What is electric fence?What are the characteristic ?
Fence energizer takes power from an external source (110V outlet or battery),  pushing the energy through the fence in short pulse voltage.
When an animal touches an energized wire, the shock prevents the animal from challenging it again.
Sundry power options:
It can be used with 12V batteries (batteries not included) or AC power (regular 110V-240V outlet), providing convenient, versatile livestock control. Allows you to use ordinary 12V batteries and can last for more than 2 weeks; you can also choose a solar fence energizer.
What are the advantages of choosing our electric fence energizer?
Competitive price
Low energy consumption/strong pulse voltage
Stable and durable
Good after-sales service
Which customized services of electric fence energizer does HPS FENCE provide ?
Brand customization: 
customized for your brand, exclusive to agricultural fence products.
Product customization:Appearance and color design
With appearance mold opening ability, you can customize the exclusive appearance and color according to your brand requirements.
Packaging customization: 
Design and customize (color box) (instructions) (face stickers) according to customer needs.

How does HPS FENCE help you grow ?
New products
HPS FENCE will regularly analyze and investigate the market demand and continues to develop new products.
Small MOQ
HPS FENCE regularly stocks some hot-selling products and provides inventory services to meet your requirements for fast delivery, small MOQ, and strong packaging.
Marketing document support
We will prepare free related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in store and marketing.
After-sales support
We provide one-to-one after-sales support for any after-sales problems of your customers during use, and help you solve your customers' after-sales use problems in a timely manner.
How is HPS FENCE packaged? 
A:The product packaging has passed the box drop test to ensure that you and your customers can receive undamaged products.
B:For special products, we will carry out targeted packaging protection.
About electric fence, you may want to know more?
1.How to install the electric fence energizer ?
Please click here to check our catalogue for more details. 
2.How do we guarantee product quality?
Electric fence energizers (HPS050, HPS100, HPS200, HPS350, HPS480) have CE and ROHS certifications from TUV Germany, also have IPX6(waterproof) certificate.
3.How to choose a suitable fence energizer?
4.What styles and accessories does our electric fence energizer have?
DC fence energizer
Screws bag, ground stakes, alligator clips, connecting wire
AC fence energizer
Screws bag, ground stakes, connecting wire, adapter
Dual fence energizer
Screws bag, ground stakes, alligator clips, connecting wire,adapter
Solar fence energizer
Solar panel, stainless steel box,cooper wire, solar panel bracket, screw bags, ground stakes, alligator clip, connecting wire, solar charger controller
Sicherheitsschutzlösungen für kleine landwirtschaftliche Betriebe und Hof