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Poultry Farm Equipment

Poultry Farm Equipment

HPS FENCE provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for poultry products(automatic chicken door opener, chicken netting kit, etc.).————Learn more about services (MORE).
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You can find everything you need to keep poultry products here including: automatic chicken coop door opener, poultry netting, automatic chicken feeder, automatic poultry drinker, wooden chicken coop and so on.
What are the customized services of HPS Fence's poultry supplies?
1) HPS Fence could provide product research and development and functional customization services based on customers' needs for the functions of poultry products.
2)HPS Fence provides product appearance, size, color and packaging customization as request.
A. Customized appearance, color and size: 
The height of the chicken net and the length of the fence can be customized, the appearance and color of the chicken door opener and chicken bucket can be customized. 
At the same time, we also have the ability to open the appearance mold, and can customize the exclusive appearance and color according to your brand requirements.

B.Packaging customization:
From the size of the outer box, the design of the color box to the instruction manual, the label can be customized according to the requirements.
What else HPS Fence can do to support our Offline wholesalers and e-commerce customers?
1)New product development capability: 
HPS FENCE will regularly analyze and investigate the market demand and continues to develop new products.
2)Stocks & New Products Service:
HPS FENCE regularly stocks some hot-selling products and provides inventory services to meet your requirements for fast delivery, small MOQ, and strong packaging.
Provide customers with new product recommendations based on regular analysis of the market by HPS FENCE.
3)Marketing material support:
We will prepare free related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in store and marketing.
After-sale support: We provide one-to-one after-sales support for any after-sales problems of your customers during use, and help you solve your customers' after-sales use problems in a timely manner.
Advantages of HPS Fence Poultry Supplies.
HPS Fence packaging.
A.Our product packaging will pass the box drop test to ensure that you and your customers can receive the product in good condition.
B.For special products, we will carry out targeted packaging protection.
About poultry products you may want to know more?
How to install and use our products?(please check the product details and videos)
How do we guarantee product quality?
HPS Fence's poultry supplies have a number of product patents and international certifications from authoritative organizations.(Please check the Details)
How to choose the product that suits you?
A.The functions of the chicken door are: 
AD001 battery-powered, light sensor controlled chicken door.
AD002 battery-powered with light sensor control and timer.
AD003 adapter power supply, and light sensor controlled & timer control.
AD004 push rod chicken door.
AD005 battery-powered, with LCD display screen, light sensor control and timer control.
AD006 also has light sensor control and timer control, all-in-one design chicken door, adapter battery dual-use models.

B.The hot selling sizes of poultry netting are 1.25*12M, 1.25*21M, 1.25*50M, 1.5*24M. The poultry netting size also can be customized as your request.

C.Electric fence netting, 1.25*50M for chickens,1.2*50M for sheep, 0.66*50M for rabbit.

D.Automatic chicken feeders, 5kg, 10kg etc..

E.Automatic chicken drinkers, 5.5L 3.6L etc..
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