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Electric Fence Polytape

Electric Fence Polytape
HPS FENCE provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for electric fence energizer and polytape.———Learn more about services (MORE).
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What is the usage scenario of electric fence polywire?
Polytape is primarily used in electric fences for their ability to improve the presence of an electric fence.
What is the advantages of electric fence polywire?
Advantage: Highly visible, lightweight and easy to use. A combination of weather resistant polyethylene and strong stainless steel wire conductors. Added UV protection makes this a long lasting polytape that will look very good for a long time.
Feature: Polytape is available in several widths to increase its visibility to livestock and provide a larger point of contact to any animals that test the strength of an electric fence. Function: The variety of available poly fencing allows you to select from several of those polytape widths. Those options let you customize your fence according to your specifications and livestock needs.
What customized services does HPSFENCE provide?
Size customization: including width, length, resistance, diameter of conductor, number of conductors, etc.
Label customization: Our design team can independently design color stickers with your logo for you.
Packaging customization: Design and customize color boxes/user manuals/labels according to customer needs.
Color customization: customize the color you want according to the international Pantone color number.
If you are an offline wholesaler / online customer (Amazon, Ebay, ect.): How does HPSFENCE help you grow?
HPSFENCE will prepare free related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in store and marketing. 
How is the electric fence polywire of HPSFENCE packed?
Packing by plastic spool.
How to choose electric fence polytape for different animals?
Size of Pasture: Large pastures should be protected by 2-inch width polytape because it’s easier for livestock to see the fence from a distance. 
Size of the Animal: The 2-inch polytape makes a great horse fence and can be used on animals of a similar size. Smaller animals will respond just as well to the half-inch and 1-inch poly tapes.
Which products are usually used together with the electric fence polytape?
The electric fence polytape can be used together with insulators, fence reel, electric fence energizer etc.
Which conductors can you choose?
Most customers choose stainless steel wire as conductor because of its good conductivity and relatively low cost. Some customers choose copper wire, but its cost is relatively high.
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