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Electric Fence Tester

Electric Fence Tester
HPS FENCE provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for electric fence energizer and tester.————Learn more about services (MORE).
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What customized services does HPSFENCE provide?
Brand customization: Customize exclusive agricultural pasture products for your brand.
Products customization: Design appearance and color: HPS FENCE has the ability to make molds for product appearance, we can customize the exclusive appearance and color according to your brand requirements.
Packaging customization: Design and customize color boxes/user manuals/labels according to customer needs.
Stocks & New Products Service.
If you are an offline wholesaler / online customer (Amazon, Ebay, ect.): How does HPSFENCE help you grow?
Stocks Service: HPS FENCE regularly stocks and provides inventory services to meet your requirements for fast delivery, small MOQ, and strong packaging.
Marketing material support: We will prepare free related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in store and marketing.
After-sale support: We provide one-to-one after-sales support for any after-sales problems of your customers during use, and help you solve your customers' after-sales use problems in a timely manner.
What are the styles and features of HPSFENCE's electric fence testers?
Electric Neon Light Fence Tester: cost-effective
Mini LED Electric Fence Tester: Easy to carry
Digital Electric Fence Tester: HPS Fence's digital electric fence testers will tell you the direction you need to go to find fence problems.
Why to use the electric fence tester?
Having a good electric fence tester will save you a lot of time on your farm. They really are an essential farm tool when it comes to raising livestock.
What are the advantages of HPSFENCE’s electric fence tester?
A good fence tester will help you determine easily check fence energizers and batteries for the correct output and voltage. These tools can help you determine if your energizer is working properly or if the fence is at fault.
What is the test range of HPSFENCE's electric fence tester?
HPS Fence's testers LED neon lamps indicates voltage levels from 1kv to 13kv (1000 volts to 13000 volts)
Sicherheitsschutzlösungen für kleine landwirtschaftliche Betriebe und Hof